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Rent Spot is a new approach to finding an apartment for rent in Winnipeg. Our customers are our number one priority. Whether you're a tenant searching for an apartment for rent in Winnipeg, or a landlord looking to rent Winnipeg apartments, Rent Spot is your solution. Our intuitive and easy-to-use navigation, tools and search features quickly connect Winnipeg renters with property managers, landlords and homeowners. We take pride in providing our customers with exceptional value, experience and the best usage of time and money. Simply put, we put you in the drivers seat and give you the tools to easily find a Winnipeg apartment to rent.

Great Winnipeg apartments for great people

The best part of our job is that our goals include helping people find great new homes. We take pride in helping new friends choose apartments for rent in Winnipeg and jump at the chance to showcase our website. With so many Winnipeg apartments to choose from, we understand that your most precious commodity is time. Let us help make the process of picking up and moving as efficient and enjoyable as possible. The instant you land on Rent Spot, take the time to view multiple Winnipeg apartments with our intuitive search features and easy to use tools. We understand that finding an apartment for rent in Winnipeg has more to it than just price. Come visit Rent Spot to view Winnipeg apartments by location, amenities, price and more. Check out photos and easily get connected with property managers, homeowners and landlords. We encourage you to rent a Winnipeg apartment that suits your needs and feels like home.

Your Winnipeg apartment checklist

Have you got a checklist of criteria to help you search for Winnipeg apartments? What does it include and how important are those things to you? Does location, price, number of bedrooms or whether your pets are welcome drive you? Or are you after something unique, with a balcony or a view? Winnipeg apartments come in many shapes, sizes and colours and we'll help you find one. If you're a renter looking for a house or apartment for rent in Winnipeg, we hope you enjoy our quick search features, easy to use navigation, maps with directions and multiple listings. As well, get the feeling you're actually there by checking out our huge collection of photos of Winnipeg apartments.

Check out some of the benefits renters can experience by choosing Rent Spot:

  • Unlimited FREE searches for Winnipeg apartments for rent.
  • Easy to use Google Maps!
  • Comprehensive listing of Winnipeg apartments for rent
  • Extensive photo galleries
  • 'Add to favorites' feature for listings

There are many great benefits for owners looking to showcase their Winnipeg apartments for rent:

  • Get access to 1000's of renters looking to rent Winnipeg apartments
  • Be part of a site with multiple #1 Google search term placements
  • Use one master account to control many individual Winnipeg apartment listings
  • Photo Galleries and property details
  • List all your Winnipeg apartments instantly!
  • Take advantage of FREE LISTINGS!

The Best Selection of Winnipeg Apartments for rent

Our large and diverse selection of Winnipeg apartments for rent means we have the ability to cater to many different types of people. We have homes and apartments of all sizes so that you can find the rental that's right for you. From families to young professionals to students, our collection of listings has something for everyone. With such a comprehensive mix of Winnipeg apartments for rent, finding what you want needs to be fast, easy and fun. That's why we've incorporated the latest, greatest search features and tools to help you get to what you want as fast as possible. Although all you have to do to experience Rent Spot is start your Winnipeg apartment search, check out what some of our clients are saying:

"Rent Spot has answered questions we'd been asking for years and provided a simple, free alternative to scouring the newspaper. Finding Winnipeg apartments for rent was as easy as checking my email. Brilliant. I will definitely use Rent Spot again." - Rich M

"I relocated to Winnipeg recently on short notice and Rent Spot helped me make informed choices about renting a Winnipeg apartment from 1000 kilometers away." - Suzanne L

"As multiple homeowners, Rent Spot has been a dream come true. We can do everything for all our properties with one, simple to use account. As well, because the site is so easy for renters searching for Winnipeg apartments, Rent Spot has delivered us amazing results." Richard and Sue N

Renting in Winnipeg Made Easy

Rent Spot is jam-packed with apartments for rent in Winnipeg. Each one will become a home for someone and it's this journey towards finding yours that we can help. Take the oppourtunity to look through our wide selection of Winnipeg apartments for rent…absolutely FREE. We look forward to helping you find your next home. Simply put, Rent Spot is renting made easy.

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